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**ALL ROUND EXCLUSIVE PICTURES FROM SOLARPIX.COM**                                             **WORLDWIDE SYNDICATION RIGHTS**                                                                                  **NO PUBLICATION IN NUTS UK OR ZOO MAGS UK MAGAZINE**.James "Arg" Argent and Lydia Bright from "The Only Way is Essex" relax by the pool at Sisu Boutique Hotel in Puerto Banus, Marbella, Spain. The couple, who are on their first holiday together, since they were re-united after their recent break-up laughed and joked as Lydia covered Arg with too much sun cream before jumping into the pool to cool off. They later relaxed in the jacuzzi and Arg tried to grab Lydia's breasts which resulted in a good telling off.                                                                                     JOB REF:    13835/ WAS 13793    AB1 SF       DATE:   30.07.11                                                                                                                                                **MUST CREDIT SOLARPIX.COM OR DOUBLE FEE WILL BE CHARGED**                                                                      **MUST AGREE FEE BEFORE ONLINE USAGE**                               **CALL US ON: +34 952 811 768 or LOW RATE FROM UK 0844 617 7637**