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**ALL ROUND PICTURES FROM SOLARPIX.COM**.**WORLDWIDE SYNDICATION RIGHTS**.A devoted Status Quo fan who plunged into depression after his wife left him for guitarist Rick Parfitt (of Status Quo) has hanged himself at home. ..Nigel Hewitt of King's Lynn, Norfolk, was part of a group of Status Quo fanatics called the Loyal Family, named his son Rick Francis after the band's two frontmen, and had a Quo-themed wedding in 1995. The day after the wedding Nigel introduced his new bride to his hero at a Quo gig in Birmingham, where Rick flirted with her, and in December 2003 Nigel agreed to let Rick sleep with his wife - as long as he could join in...Speaking in 2005, Nigel said: "It was surreal. I was in bed naked with my wife and my idol. I was flattered that I had something Rick wanted." But the romp, backfired - Angie lost interest in her husband and started spending more time with Rick. Nigel said: "She was falling in love with him and that wasn't part of the deal." Nigel and Angie split for good three years ago and she continued to see Rick, 59, in the hope he would leave long-term love Patty for her. But he eventually married fitness instructor Lindsay Whitburn in August 2006. There was more heartache for Nigel - after selling his story about the affair he was banned from backstage after partying with his heroes for 25 years...The 48 year-old electrician was found dead at home in Norfolk on ex-wife Angle's 42nd birthday two weeks ago. He had just discovered that Angie - whose affair with Rick eventually fizzled out - had remarried last year. It proved to be the final straw. Nigel's sister Sonia Watson, 44, said: "He clung to the hope she would come back. She moved on with her life - but he couldn't." His dad, also called Nigel, 69, said yesterday: "We don't blame Rick. The fact is Nigel never got over his split with Angie"...This collect Pic: Angela Hewitt and Rick Parfitt..JOB REF:  5909        CSH        DATE: 09_03_2008.**MUST CREDIT SOLARPIX.COM OR DOUBLE FEE WILL