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**ALL ROUND PICTURES FROM SOLARPIX.COM**                                             **UK AND SPAIN SYNDICATION RIGHTS ONLY**                                                                                  Caption: Prince William, Duchess of Cambridge Catherine (Kate) & Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visiting UNICEF's Supply Division center in Denmark to view the effort to distribute emergency food and medical supplies to East Africa                                                                              This pic: Kate Catherine Duchess of Cambridge                                                                                            JOB REF:14141        CPR/Kongsted      DATE: 02.11.2011                                                           **MUST CREDIT SOLARPIX.COM OR DOUBLE FEE WILL BE CHARGED**                                                                      **MUST AGREE FEE BEFORE ONLINE USAGE**                               **CALL US ON: +34 952 811 768 or LOW RATE FROM UK 0844 617 7637**