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**ALL ROUND PICTURES FROM SOLARPIX.COM**.**WORLDWIDE SYNDICATION RIGHTS**.two and half years after her daughter Scarlett Eden Keeling was found dead on a Goa beach, Fiona Mackeown was at court describing her experiences with the police investigation. ..Fiona reiterated that police sub inspector Nerlon Albuquerque had initially tried to cover up the case..In her two-hour deposition, the British mother said that when she saw Scarlett's body in the morgue, she had noticed bruises on her forehead, which were ignored by the sub inspector as marks received during post-mortem. Fiona said that at that time she had asked Albuquerque about the bruises on the forehead as he had told her previously that there were no bruises, but was told that the bruises were received during mortem...Scarlett's corpse was found on Anjuna shore on February 18. The British school girl was alone in Goa, with her mother and other siblings out on a Karnataka tour, when the incident happened. Albuquerque was suspended from his services for goofing up the case. ..Samson D'Souza, 28, and Placido Carvalho, 36, have been charged with culpable homicide, sexual assault, outraging modesty and destroying evidence..Goa, India...This pic: Placido Carvalho...JOB REF:  11824 SJA        DATE: 30_07_2010.**MUST CREDIT SOLARPIX.COM OR DOUBLE FEE WILL BE CHARGED**.**MUST NOTIFY SOLARPIX OF ONLINE USAGE**.**CALL US ON: +34 952 811 768 or LOW RATE FROM UK 0844 617 7637**