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ALL ROUND EXCLUSIVE PICTURES FROM SOLARPIX.COM - 30.04.06.Jennifer Ellison had a spot of shoe trouble this weekend while on a shopping spree with two friends and a small dog to trendy Puerto Banus on the Costa Del Sol. She arrived for the excursion wearing a pair of brown high heel sandals, which were obviously giving her some jip, so she popped into a shop and came out with a pair of white sandals which broke after five minutes. She was then spotted inside a shop in bare feet and emerged wearing a pair of bright green sandals..Aaahh...comfort at last!!.The three ladies then strolled around the shops for another hour and any bags that  Jennifer could not manage, were dumped on her older friend who acted as the sherpa..When they finally ground to a halt, the girls stopped at an Italian restaurant where Jennifer showed her friends a Christian Dior baby bottle she had just bought....Was it a gift? Or are things between her and fianc? Tony Richardson really hotting up?.REF: 2293 AB1