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**EXCLUSIVE PICTURES FROM SOLARPIX.COM**                                 **WORLDWIDE SYNDICATION RIGHTS**                   .The alleged mistress of Arsenal soccer boss Arsene Wenger yesterday claimed she is pregnant.French rapper Sonia Tatar, 39, said she was expecting in a bizarre video, seen left, which she shot herself in her Paris flat.She also told of her terror after receiving death threats over the affair -- and has asked cops to find the culprits..Arsen Wenger's mistress told yesterday 25 November how she fears for her life after receiving death threats -- and begged police to track down those responsible.Sonia Tatar made the plea in a public video "declaration" in which she claimed she is pregnant. Speaking in broken English with a heavy accent, the French rapper said: "For the moment for my protection, for my pregnancy which is already difficult and risky for my health, I would like to let the police and the prosecutor make the investigation to find who want me die."Single mum Sonia, 39, shot the 1min 2sec video herself, posing in front of a bookcase at her council flat on the outskirts of Paris.She sent it to The Sun by email in the early hours yesterday and gave it a white title on a blue background reading: Sonia Tatar's Official Decla- ration..The leggy blonde, who is thought to be ten weeks pregnant, did not name the father of her baby.But married Arsenal boss Wenger, 61 -- who has cut all ties with her since The Sun revealed their two- year relationship earlier this month -- is bound to be shaken by the news..Sonia has declared her love for him. And she used the video to deny suggestions made by another newspaper that she is a gold-digger looking to become rich and famous through Wenger and his wallet..She made a statement that began: "My name is Sonia Tatar and I'm a French artist."Those are very serious allega- tions which are deeply hurting me and my family."Using my personal holiday pictures to present me as a gold-dig- ger is a short easy draw.