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**ALL ROUND EXCLUSIVE PICTURES FROM SOLARPIX.COM**.Prince Charles & Camilla are staying at what has been described as one of the most beautiful fincas in Spain in Illora, 30 kilometres from Granada. It is owned by Lord Douro, 96-year-old Arthur Wellsley, the 8th Duke of Wellington, who is a personal friend of Prince Charles. The two titles and the finca were granted to the first Duke of Wellington and his descendants in perpetuity for helping the Spanish to kick Napoleon's troops out of Spain in what is known as the Peninsular War in British history and the War of Liberation here..The Royal visit to Spain is part of what the British press are calling a Spring tour and the couple will also visit Portugal and Morocco before they head for home on April 6th..This pic: GVS:Of the Duke of Wellingtons estate -Dehesa Baja estate now owned by the Wellesley family near Granada in Spain where Prince Charles & Camilla are staying....JOB REF: 13064 AB1       DATE:01.04.2010.