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ALL ROUND EXCLUSIVE PICTURES FROM SOLARPIX.COM. .Frank Lampard spends time with his friends and family on a relaxing break after the World Cup.  The group have been cruising around the Mediterranean on a luxurious yacht and this week spent time in Ibiza.  Pictures show Frank and his mates on Monday evening (17.07.06), their last night in Ibiza, having a drink on deck before heading out for a night in San Antonio. The lads were moved from the comfy seating on the back of the boat so that Ellen, Franks wife, and her friend could sun bathe. The party goers stayed out until 7.00am the next morning and once back on board they headed straight out to sea to head home.  Job Ref: 2600/MSR..MUST CREDIT SOLARPIX OR DOUBLE USAGE FEE CHARGED..