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PICTURES FROM SOLARPIX.COM.MUST CREDIT SOLARPIX.COM OR DOUBLE FEE INCURRED.First day of the trial in Alicante Spain of the .British couple were murdered on a house hunting trip to Spain. The O'Malley's bodies were buried in the chalet's cellar and covered with concrete.**Words to accompany pictures by Gerard couzens**.This pic shows:O'Malleys family outside courthouse in Alicante..L to R: , , ,, and Barbara Murphy (sister of linda O'Malley). Bernard O'Malley (Anthony's brother),  Jenny Stewart (Daughter of Linda O'Malley but not Tony's daughter), Nicola Welsh (Daughter of Linda O'Malley but not Tony's daughter), Christine Spruce (Sister of Anthony O'Malley)...DATE:28.03.06-JOB REF:2215-BHY