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ALL ROUND PICTURES BY SOLARPIX.COM.**MUST CREDIT SOLARPIX.COM OR DOUBLE FEE WILL BE CHARGED**.**NO PUBLICATION IN FRANCE, SCANDANAVIA, AUSTRALIA AND GERMANY** NO UK NEWSPAPER PUBLICATION - UK MAGAZINES ONLY**.The ultimate pimped-up toilet !.Forget reading the paper in the loo.... this toilet has everything from a games console to a beer tap..Style gurus have turned a bog standard lavatory into a throne fit for the stars. There's a DVD player and flat screen TV , so you can watch while you go..The loo roll is next to a deck and speakers that plug into your ipod, while there is space on top of the cistern for a Tivo recorder , a games console and a lamp..If you want to keep fit while you sit, there's a handy pair of exercise pedals. And there's even a beer tap so you can top up with chilled lager after taking a leak..Everything is at arm's length including a Velcro strap for the remote controls and a cup holder...The one off design is the brain child of US plumbing company RotoRooter based in Atlanta. It is planning to give away the pimped up cistern system , worth £2,500, as a competition prize and will install it for free....DATE:16_01_07              JOB REF:3236-SFE