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ALL ROUND PICTURES BY SOLARPIX.COM.**MUST CREDIT SOLARPIX.COM OR DOUBLE FEE WIOLL BE CHARGED**.**NO PUBLICATION IN FRANCE, SCANDANAVIA, AUSTRALIA AND GERMANY** NO UK NEWSPAPER PUBLICATION - UK MAGAZINES ONLY**.The alarming rate of wild deer living in the suburbs across South East England, Tiggywinkles animal hospital have rescued 10 in just one week..These  include one from a swimming pool, one stuck in a fence , another hit by a car and another found living for a month in a disused carpark in the centre of reading..It's believed that there are over 40,000 wild deer living in Buckinghamshire alone..Picture shows: A munjac deer rescued after living for a month in  a disused multi storey carpark in the centre of Reading in surrey in the UK..DATE:03_10_06-JOB REF:2870-SFE.