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**ALL ROUND PICTURES FROM SOLARPIX.COM**.**SYNDICATION RIGHTS FOR UK AND SPAIN ONLY**.Zara Phillips, 28, daughter of Princess Anne, plans to build a holiday house in Torres Vedras, 40 kilometers north of Lisbon, Portugal. ..Together with her boyfriend, rugby player Mike Tindall, 31, she has bought a plot of land 1000m2 in The Vineyards, the name given to the second phase of Campo Real Golf Resort & Spa, which is an area of 75 hectares with project for 260 units of villas, apartments and townhouses. ..Residents in the area are mainly Portuguese, Irish and English, and there is an Equestrian Center nearby that certainly  motivated the choice of the location...According to sources from the resort, the investment is estimated in 800 thousand euros to build up a two-storey house. Zara Philips has not yet given any indication to details, such as decoration, security systems and home automation. Portugal 6 March 2010..This pic: Zara Phillips Holiday Home, showhome..JOB REF: 10880 PRT        DATE: 06_03_2010.**MUST CREDIT SOLARPIX.COM OR DOUBLE FEE WILL BE CHARGED**.**MUST NOTIFY SOLARPIX OF ONLINE USAGE**.**CALL US ON: +34 952 811 768 or LOW RATE FROM UK 0844 617 7637**