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**ALL ROUND PICTURES FROM SOLARPIX.COM**.**WORLDWIDE SYNDICATION RIGHTS**.Hollywood actress Julia Roberts spent over an hour at the Taj Mahal along with her husband, Daniel Moder and was "enchanted" with the world-famous monument to love, saying it was 'awesome, beautiful'." The actress came to Agra from Jaipur, where she had earlier spent a couple of days. ..The Taj Mahal has been voted to be among the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2008. India. 22 January 2009..This pic: Julia Roberts..JOB REF: 9584 SJA        DATE: 22_01_2009.**MUST CREDIT SOLARPIX.COM OR DOUBLE FEE WILL BE CHARGED**.**MUST NOTIFY SOLARPIX OF ONLINE USAGE**.**CALL US ON: +34 952 811 768 or LOW RATE FROM UK 0844 617 7637**